NECTOI represents the interests of employers and employees in the Transport Operating Industry, and HIV has had a great impact on all the transport sectors namely Passenger Carrying, Metered Taxi & Car Hire and Freight / Haulage sector. Majority of the transport sector workforce spend days or weeks away from home which increases their vulnerability to HIV and AIDS.
This heavy toll of HIV on the transport sector culminated in  NECTOI launching an  HIV programme in 1992.To date this programme has won a number of accolades  for its  response against HIV in the transport sector.NECTOI is greatly indebted to a number of  organizations which have enhanced its impact in the industry.
Currently NECTOI is engaging in a project titled 'Hear our Voice Speaking out for HIV services,care and support in Zimbabwe.The main aim of the project is to reduce the spread of HIV amongst truckdrivers as they are on their tour of duty.This project is jointly implemented with other partners namely ZAPSO,ZACRO and ZNCWC and is  funded by Comic Relief ,through Progressio .
NECTOI's programme areas include the following

  1.  Awareness sessions
  2. Peer Education Training
  3. Conducting outreach to truckstops and boarderposts
  4. Management sensitizations
  5. Research and documentation