NECTOI is implementing a comprehensive HIV AND AIDS prevention programme targeting workers, employers and communities to prevent further new infections through behaviour change. NECTOI is one of the implementing partners of the National Bahaviour Change Strategy working in partnership with the National AIDS Council (NAC), UNFPA and UNDP. The NECTOI Behaviour Change Programme is operational in 8 districts in Mashonaland Central Province. The BC programme is managed by a BC Manager and 8 District Programme Officers, Support staff and Interns. The BC programme is a community based programme which is driven by trained community members (Behaviour Change Facilitators (BCFs and is implemented at ward level. Activities of the BC programme include:

  • Situation Analysis - NECTOI conducts situation analysis rapid assessments to determine the situation on the ground and needs of men and women in the districts are conducted to inform project intervention strategies.
  • Ward level sensitization - This is the entry point for programme activities in new wards.
  • District and Ward Planning - These are participatory planning workshops that take place at district and ward level respectively, involving men and women, youths, community leaders, and Aids Action Committees to develop community action plans.
  • Training of Community Leaders as Role Models and Advocates - Traditional, religious and other leaders within the different communities are targeted for training in a 3-4 day workshop to sensitize them on HIV AND AIDS issues and the need for action.
  • Selection and training of BCFs - Selected BCFs from the communities undergo a five-day training course that enables them to conduct the day-to-day training and promotion of BC activities within the communities. BCFs are selected from the communities so that they remain within the communities and continue doing their work even after the project has ended.
  • Community Training Sessions on HIV Prevention - BCFs conduct (5-week training sessions) for young women and men, old women and men, separately to enable them to participate in discussions freely. In addition to the prescribed training manuals, awareness sessions also focus on Gender Based Violence, gender, PMTCT, male circumcision and other topical issues. The BC programme targets communities, youths through football and other sporting activities and community leaders for support and as role models.
 In addition to the 5-week training course communities are trained on male circumcision and other emerging HIV and AIDS issues.