Truck drivers spend days to weeks away from their families which predispose them to concurrent sexual partnerships. These are two or more partnerships that overlap in time, and these increase risk and have been realised to be a key driver of the spread of HIV. Susceptibility to casual sex is high mainly at certain borderposts and truckstops which are best described as Hotspots.

The site agent programme helps NECTOI reach out to truckdrivers at places where they spend most of their time.NECTOI through the Hear Our Voice.Speaking Out For HIV Services Care And Support In Zimbabwe Project has managed to recruit site agents in Chirundu, Beitbridge, Nyamapanda and Hwange.These Site Agents are  involved in reaching out to truck drivers through the following activities:
  • Communication with truckers on basic facts about HIV prevention ,treatment and care
  • Distribution of IEC (Information,Education and Communication) materials and condoms regularly to drivers ,their assistants and social contacts
  • Adminstration of KABP(Knowledge,Attitude,Behaviour and Practice) questionnaires
  • Networking with other organizations involved in HIV prevention, treatment and care of the infected.


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