NECTOI’s Mission as an industrial relations institution founded in terms of the Labour Act of Zimbabwe is among other issues to create an enabling platform to the Transport Operating Industry stakeholders in order to achieve industrial harmony through negotiating, implementing the CBA, and provisions of the Labour statutes. In addition, due to networking operations, NECTOI also resolved to actively participate in Health and Safety (HASAWA) activities to stop the spread of HIV & AIDS related diseases in the Transport Operating Industry.
The objectives of the Council shall be:-
1.  To perform in respect of the industry all the duties assigned to an Employment Council by Section 62 of the Labour Act;
2. To consider and regulate, in accordance with the provisions of the CBA & the Principal Labour Act, matters of mutual interest to the parties, and to prevent and settle disputes.
3. To administer agreements arrived at by the parties.
4. To consider, advise and make representations on any proposed legislation affecting the interests of employers and employees within the Transport Operating Industry.
5. To promote good relations between employers and employees within the Transport Operating Industry, and to use its endeavour generally in the direction of maintaining industry peace.
6. To encourage the establishment of good conditions in premises in which work is done, in regard to structure, ventilation, lighting, sanitation and cleanliness, machinery, prevention of accidents and generally to promote the reasonable interests of all concerned in the undertaking
7. To promote the interests of learners, to encourage the practical technical training of learners, to encourage every endeavour through learnership to turn out efficient operatives in the undertaking.
8. To collect and administer the funds payable to and held by the Council
9.   To do such other lawful things as may be in the interests of employers and employees within the Transport Operating Industry,