National Employment Council for the Transport Operating Industry (NECTOI) is one of the many Statutory bodies (Industrial Councils) established in terms of Part VIII of the Labour Act.
1. Sectors that Constitutes the Transport Operating Industry
There are three (3) main sectors which make up the Transport Operating Industry i.e.
  • Passenger Carrying Sector - Part 1
  • Metered Taxi & Car Hire  Sector- Part 2
  • Freight / Haulage Sector - Part 3
2. Composition of N.E.C.T.O.I
Three (3) organizations registered in terms of the Labour Act constitute
N.E.C.T.O.I. These are;
2.1 Transport and General Workers Union (T&GWU) representing all workers in the industry while on the employers side, there are three associations i.e.
2.2 Transport Operators Association (TOA) predominantly freight haulers.
2.3 Passenger Transport Organisation (PTO) covering Urban, Rural, City, and Cross Boarder Operations.
3. Functions
The core functions include making rules and regulations, providing conditions of service and code of conduct for employers and employees in the Transport Operating Industry. It also facilitates Collective Bargaining between the parties to the N.E.C.T.O.I, administer and monitor compliance by both the employers and employees. All this is done within the confines of the Labour Act of Zimbabwe. At present the industry employs about 13 305.00 employees and about 800 companies  scattered all over the country. This on its own calls for extensive travelling and also reliable mode of transport. At present N.E.C.T.O.I has three offices, one in Harare, one in Bulawayo and one in Gweru.
In terms of the Statutory Instrument 67 of 2012 Section 30, as read with Section 82 of the Labour Act Chapter 28:01 as amended, employers are required to register with this Employment Council within the first month of coming into operation and remit levy deducted from employees’ wages at 0.69% plus equal amount representing employer’s contribution in terms of Section 27 of Statutory Instrument 67:12.

 You can download and complete the registration form from the link below and submit it to the General Secretary.